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Presentation of "Rébellion"

"Rébellion"  is a revolutionary socialism-oriented bimonthly publication that seeks to spread political and metapolitical ideas.

We advocate a form of socialism which is mindful of the identity of peoples in a strong Europeconscious of it's common origins and fate.

We reject centralizing nationalism and it's caricature, the separatist micro-nationalism. In order to implement a genuine and unique form of socialism, we reject bureaucratic state socialism and supportany kind of participatory, organic and direct democracy within a federalist state.

We consider the Europe of Brussels to be a mockery of European sovereignty, in complete opposition to the principle of subsidiarity, which is the only means to rebuild a genuine social bond.

Our model is that of a federalist Europe which respects nations, peoples, local communities and cultures. A Europe whose calling is imperial as opposed to imperialistic.

All over the world we support the struggle of peoples against the destruction of diversity and capitalist exploitation of which the United States  
are the main, but not the only exponent.



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